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Since the beginning of founded, GZLI has been attaching importance to the building of its brands. Wherever our products sold to, there must be the protection of Intellectual Property in the first place. After half century’s accumulation and development, GZLI not only owned lots of famous domestic and foreign Trademarks Registrations, also stabilized large amount of clients and markets with the help of Brands. At the moment, GZLI owns nearly one thousand Registered Trademarks including more than eight hundred foreign Registered Trademarks. Among them there are the very familiar names for domestic civilian such as “Triangle” electric rice cookers and “Diamond” electric fans etc. There also includes some famous historical brands which had great reputation throughout South-east Asia, Western and African markets, such as “Diamond” locks and bicycle tires, “Champion” sports goods and “Skylark” musical instruments.

“Triangle” electric rice cookers and “Diamond” electric fans both are Guangdong Famous Trademarks and Well-known Trademarks in National Appliance Industry. “Diamond” locks, “Champion” sports goods, “Skylark” musical instruments and “Titan” bicycle tires are Guangzhou Famous Trademarks. “Triangle” electric rice cookers emerged at the start of the Sixties, as the first self-owned homemade electric rice cookers it used to be the pronoun in domestic electric rice cookers industry. Even though the domestic electric rice cookers industry has gone through the speedy expansion and intense competition since the Nineties, “Triangle” electric rice cookers still came out at the top of the market occupancy rate nationwide. It has also expanded to including induction cookers, electric water boilers, steam cookers etc kitchen small appliance series and refrigerators, refrigeration gradevin etc kitchen large appliance series from single products.

Our Brands not only had great success in domestic market, but also never stopped developing in international market. The proportion of export for self-owned brands kept rising. “Diamond” and “Champion”, “Snowflake” and “Sinok” are the recommendable export brands of CCCME and CCCAC.

In order to express greater energy of our brands and make them into the international brands of Chinese light industrial products, GZLI is planning to rely on the existing superiority, strengthen innovate and continue to expand the competitiveness and the market share of leading products especially branded products during “the Second Five” period. one of the important planning is: building a more than one thousand acres Brands YITIA, organizing the outstanding approved manufacturers to join in, expanding the branded production line, enlarging capacity, improving the level of self-research and self-development, increasing the market occupancy rate continuously to spur the export of related products and the import of equipment. Meanwhile, the Brands YITIA is the branded innovation center and planning center of GZLI. It supervises the research & development of branded products and the decision of marketing strategy.

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