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  Following the reform of exchange rate and upgrading of industrial structure in China, and the demand of trade balance, export's dominant business structure for foreign trading enterprises has failed to adapt to the situation. GZLI has been constantly penetrating the old business idea and mode, regarding the adjustment of the import & export proportion and the domestic & foreign market proportion as the working center point. Since 2009, GZLI has carried through a deep adjustment from development strategy to management structure, coming up with coordinately developing three big business plates of export, import and domestic trade.


GZLI has two main lines to develop import

Firstly, it integrates the purchasing resources of raw material at upper course by taking advantage of funds, credit and network, develops import and even domestic distribution of large raw material which matched up with the export suppliers. GZLI is building the domestic sales network positively, developing large product import by taking advantage of international trade and combines resource and product between domestic and foreign markets. At the moment, GZLI has quite large-scale of import purchasing business including the import of nature rubber for bicycle tires factory and the import of cotton & cotton yarn etc for garment material factory. Also the import of nonferrous metal, steels and industrial chemicals are continually and rapidly developing.

Secondly, it reaches import cooperation with international brands by taking advantage of excellent international trading aptitude and service, e.g. GZLI has set up import agent relationship with famous brands in the world such as “CASIO” of Japan. GZLI will expand the space and depth of cooperation in the future and provide more excellent international brands which hoped to enter Chinese market with agency service.

The import trading of GZLI is developing towards the structure of using large products and major customers as the center point.

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