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  The domestic trade of GZLI has two sections: Domestic Trade of OBM and Domestic Trade of large raw material at upper course of supply chain.

Lots of our brands have very high popularity at domestic market. Among them the most representative brands are “Triangle” electric rice cookers etc kitchen electrical appliances and “Diamond” electric fans etc household appliances. At the moment, the above branded products are being made by approved manufacturers in domestic market.

GZLI authorized more than 30 approved manufacturers at home to manufacture and sell the branded products of “Triangle” “Diamond” etc, and specified the management of every link by unified quality standard, unified package management and unified price management to maintain market order and branded image. The sales of “Triangle” home appliances series are more than 10 million sets per year. The aggregate market occupancy rate of “Triangle” electric rice cookers is at the top of the list among their own category in China. “Diamond” electric fans are also the best-selling branded products among their own category.

GZLI is planning to build a Brands YITIA in the next few years, improving the branded development towards the direction of industry chain integration. GZLI will choose the excellent ones from current and new approved manufacturers to join in the Brands YITIA, expand branded product line, enlarge the capacity of innovative product to improve the market occupancy rate more. GZLI will hold most stocks at one or two manufacturers of electric rice cookers as leading products through the way of capital cooperation. As the core enterprise of the branded management system, GZLI will increase the control power to the branded product’s cost and quality. Above all, the Brands YITIA will become the branded innovation center and planning center of GZLI, improve the research & development of branded products and the management of marketing strategy totally.

As for domestic trade of large raw material, GZLI has business qualification for special products of coal and waste metal materials etc, also has great experience and network channels at domestic trading of non-ferrous metal, coal and steels etc products. It not only achieved major business scale, but also enlarged with more than twice faster per year. It has become the biggest growth point of the company’s business.

The progress of urbanization and industrialization is speeding up in China. The demand for large resources products will remain strong. GZLI is completing domestic sales platform of large raw material constantly, contributing to the development of domestic enterprises.

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