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TRIANGLE electric rice cooker has been famous for half a century.

●  The first electric rice cooker made in China.
In 1963, according to the demand of the international market, we cooperated with Guangzhou Electric Rice Cooker Factory to develop the first electric rice cooker in China. It was the first rice cooker driven by electricity, while coal or firewood had to be needed before. Later TRIANGLE was registered in more than 80 countries and regions, and TRIANGLE rice cooker was put into market. In 1970s, TRIANGLE rice cookers were exported to Southeast Asia and enjoyed a good reputation. At that time domestic customers can buy them only from overseas Chinese from abroad or from shops in foreign exchanges.

●  For 50 years, TRIANGLE has been dedicated to providing a reliable and economical electrical appliances to customers. Now TRIANGLE products have expanded from rice cooker to all household appliances, home and abroad. It has ever enjoyed half of the market share in China. TRIANGLE is making progress all the time and creating products for an intellectual life.


TRIANGLE electric rice cooker has an influence for 50 years. It’s more than an old brand. It’s also a classic brand.

●  In 1963: The first electric rice cooker successfully developed in Guangzhou.

●  In 1966: Trademark registration home and abroad.

●  In 1970: TRIANGLE rice cookers exported overseas.

●  1980s-1990s: Enjoyed half of the market share in China.

●  After 2000: Covered the filed of household electrical appliances for kitchen, ranking top 2 in domestic market and spreading all over the world.



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